A Healthy Little Note: Issue #27

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Ever have a tough day where things don't go according to plan, you get irritated, and perhaps even a little grumpy?

Of course. We've all been there.

Would you like being labeled as a grumpy person just because of that one day?

Of course not!  

Well the same goes for our kiddos! Nobody, no matter what age, likes being mislabeled. 

In this week's newsletter I talk about the danger of labeling kids as "naughty" (I'll have to have a word with Santa about this too), plus share details about my upcoming newborn sleep talk in Brentwood, an article about lazy parenting, a tribute to those juggling multiple kiddos, and some great guides to keeping your little ones busy during the holidays. 

Let's do this! 

* * *


Our little ones are going to test our boundaries sometimes...probably on a daily basis. It's how they learn and grow.

In fact, their ongoing development requires they push back at certain times and situations.

Did you know a child in the midst of a developmental shift may seem resistant, uncooperative, and just plain mean?

In this week's blog post I share a story about how my little girl and I dealt with one of these moments while I simultaneously almost lost my cool with a perfect stranger.

What was the trigger?

The stranger called my daughter naughty.

It was an important teaching moment for all of us, and I encourage you to examine how easily labels slip out, and how damaging they can actually be (to us and our little ones!).

Not quite sure how to navigate those tough moments where your little pushes you to the limit? Don't worry, I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and we can chat about it.

Or just reply to this email with any questions you have, and I'll bet happy to answer.

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Guess what I have coming up? 

A Newborn Sleep Talk on December 14th @ 10 am at Hatch's new store in Brentwood, CA! 

If you're an expecting mom, have a newborn, or know someone who is/does, then come down to this talk and get all your questions answered. 

Plus, learn about newborn sleep and what the heck actually goes on - you won't regret it!

And anyone who comes to the event gets 15% off at the store. Have you SEEN their clothes?! #adorable

To sign up for the event, click "Upcoming Events" under the LA store section and find "Get Yourself a Good Sleeper." 

* * *


"Unparenting," or parenting without rules, was briefly a hip parenting ideology circa 2012. 

Now we've moved past that into a new non-parenting style...

Parents are washing their hands of parenting all together! 

Sounds too good to be true, right? That's cause it is. 

Children don't emerge from the womb with a fully-formed sense of right and wrong. They need a parent to tell them they can't play video games all day - and to enforce it.

Take a look at this article from the New York Post that highlights how we sabotage our children by catering to their "wants" instead of their "needs." 

* * *


A simple nod or smile can go a long way. 

When you're in the trenches of parenting, you're sometimes just trying to keep your head above water.

That's why when I see a mom friend trying to answer a call while holding a baby and with a screaming toddler at her feet, that I am, at the very least, going to take that baby from her arms and hold him for her. 

This great Medium article is an ode to moms who take the multiple kid plunge and live to tell the tale and to their fellow moms who hold a special place in their hearts for them.

* * *


Planning some holiday travel with your little ones?

Our friends at What's Up Moms have some great guides on how to keep your kiddos busy during that long road trip you're about to head out on - and here's the best part...no screens!

Check out their list of the best toys for road trips. We love their travel activity box too! 

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That's it for this issue!

Hope you enjoyed it and I'd LOVE if you shared it with your friends on social media or spread the word on the local Mommy gossip circuit - thanks!


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