what is your philosophy as a sleep consultant?

I do not subscribe to a one size fits all approach. I work with each family to determine the best way to support you and your baby's/toddler's sleep progress, while maintaining a strong and loving connection. I offer parents like yourself various options for helping your little one learn to sleep while providing plenty of love and support along the way. Healthy Little Sleepers' approach is designed to help the entire family get the rest you all need.

What age babies/children do you work with?

Most of the families I work with have children between 4 months and 5 years old. I know... a large gap! But, really sleep challenges change as your little one grows. However, the earlier you set the stage for a Healthy Little Sleeper, the easier it can be in the long run. 

If your child is younger than 4 months, many families select the newborn/expecting parent package to set the stage for developing healthy sleep habits. If you want a little extra support, often times families add an in-home visit to receive a more hands-on approach in guiding them on how to attend to typical newborn sleep challenges.  

what is your success rate?

When clients follow their customized plan to a "T", there is 100% success rate.

what if i want to co-sleep with my baby?

Whether to sleep with your child or have her sleep in her own environment - crib or bed - is a very personal decision for each family. I fully support a family's decision to co-sleep, and if you choose to do so, I will be happy to design a sleep plan that allows you to continue co-sleeping. It is always of utmost importance to think of safety first as we put your co-sleeping plan together. If you are currently having your newborn sleep in bed with you, I cannot advise you to continue this practice. The American Academy of Pediatrics on safe sleep practices advises co-sleeping in a true co-sleeper attached next to your bed to prevent SIDS. Too many incidents of suffocation occur when bed-sharing happens in the first few months of life. If you have been co-sleeping and want to help your child transition to sleeping more independently, these details are covered in a consultation, as well.

what makes healthy little sleepers different from other sleep consultants?

Any sleep specialist affiliated with Healthy Little Sleepers has a graduate degree working with infants, toddlers, or children and has been trained and certified under The Family Sleep Institute (FSI). Training at FSI is grounded on the most current sleep research and practices from the top pediatric/medical sleep experts. FSI graduates are not trained on one method but are trained to apply any approach to sleep ranging from gentle to extinction based on the needs and values of each family.

I work closely with each family providing superior support along the way. I understand the concern, worry, and the entering of the unknown when tackling your little one's sleep, and I am here to guide you through that process.

do i have to let my baby cio for them to sleep?


While there will be some crying (this is just your baby protesting a change - don't be fooled by no-cry solutions), you definitely do not have to jump into CIO for your baby to sleep through the night or develop healthy sleep habits. It's important for you to understand your options and feel good about the choices and decisions you are making for your little one's sleep. 

what do i like most about my job?

There are SO many things I love... I mean to work with these adorable little babies is a dream come true. There is no question I love working with babies and kids! But let's get to the "job" part that I love.  To help families like yours get back to your sanity and get some sleep again is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The gratitude I receive from parents is one of the most gratifying rewards I can receive. I love being able to help families by simply imparting the sleep knowledge I have and supporting everyone along the way. Each family brings a uniqueness to my work, keeping me on my toes and thinking about the best scenario for each and every one of you.