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expectant/newborn sleep

Are you expecting or just had your baby and want to understand what’s going on . . .

Mastering Newborn Sleep is your online guide to help you understand your newborn’s sleep patterns (or lack there of) and set you up on a path for successful days and nights ahead!




$375 - Phone

$450 - In-Home

Healthy Little Sleepers - Newborn Sleep

This package is for expecting parents or parents who are searching for answers in the middle of the night (or day) when your newborn baby is crying and you don't know what to do. Knowledge is power - setting the foundation for sleep will help your newborn transition into a great sleeper just after a few months in the world (assuming no medical concerns which can be addressed, as well). All consultations have a scheduled time to talk or meet. This package includes:

  • Completing an evaluation of your baby or child's current sleep habits and your concerns (prior to consult)

  • How to create healthy sleep habits to lay great foundation for future sleep

  • Newborn sleep patterns

  • Sleep environment assessment

  • Tools to help set up successful sleep habits

  • Adjustments and benchmarks for your baby's sleep

  • Trouble shooting tips

  • Customized sleep routine with respect to your baby's developmental age that best fits your parenting philosophy, values, and needs

  • One week of follow-up coaching/support to answer questions along the way (to be used within a 3 weeks of receiving the customized sleep routine)

This is for babies under 4 montls old. You'll receive your customoized sleep plan within 24hrs of your consultation. Inquire about in-home visits, as well.

Purchase - Newborn Phone Consult
Purchase -Newborn In Home Consult

phone/in-home sleep CONSULTATION

Healthy Little Sleepers - Sleep Training

This package is great for parents seeking help with sleep and feeding schedules, nap transitions, crib to bed transitions, bedtime battles, nap transitions, sleeping through the night and more! This plan includes:

  • Review of intake form outlining your baby or child's current sleep habits and your concerns (prior to consult).

  • A 1-hour phone (1.5-hour in-home) consultation to further discuss concerns and solutions to your baby or child's sleep issues.

  • A customized sleep plan with respect to your baby's developmental age that aligns with your parenting philosophy, values, and needs.

  • Sleep log form (provided by sleep consultant) to track progress along the way.

  • Two weeks of follow-up coaching and support to answer questions along the way as you implement your new plan.

  • You'll receive your customized sleep plan within 24hrs of your consultation.

You can also inquire about in-home visits for when you start the plan for more personal one-on-one support.

Additional $40 fee for travel greater than 20 minutes outside of consultant’s area.

with Susie:

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Purchase - In Home Consult + Travel

with Nicole:

Purchase - Phone Consult
Purchase - In-Home Consult
Purchase - In Home Consult + Travel

Hourly Consultation

$175 - single session

$275 - singles session w/ weekend support

$650 - package of 5 single sessions

This one hour phone consultation is perfect for parents seeking advice on a particular area of sleep, behaviors, or parenting in general.

For sleep, the hour consult is designed for current and returning clients who would like additional support either with their package or down the road. 

For returning clients, this phone support may be split between:

2 (30 min) or 3 (20 min)

Healthy Little Sleepers - Baby Sleep Help

Please note that there is no sleep plan written out with this support package.

Purchase - 1 hour session
Purchase - hourly consult w/ weekend support
Purchase - Package of 5 Hour Sessions



An overnight you say!?! Why would I use this? Well, parents have varying needs and sometimes an overnight stay is just what's needed to help set you on the right track. I am there with you every step of the way... to guide and support you. Sometimes it's really hard to stay consistent in the middle of the night, and it's really easy to fall back into previous habits when you are SO exhausted. Whatever the reason, you're not alone! So, what does this include...

The In-home consult... PLUS

  • I come to your home and stay the night coaching and supporting you every step of the way.

  • I am involved as much or as little as you need me to be... I work based on your needs and what method you decide to implement to teach your baby to sleep. But, you can know if your baby is up, I am awake with your little one too!

How many nights? Most parents choose anywhere between 1-3 nights.

What are the hours? Every situation is different and tailored to your needs, but you can assume I am all yours from 5pm to 5am for an overnight. Extended hours can be added on.



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