A Healthy Little Note: Issue #26

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The holidays are here again - can you believe it?!

Wasn't Halloween like 30 seconds ago?

This time of year can be magical and filled with family, friends and traditions. But it can also lead to overtired kiddos, messed up routines and plenty of crash-inducing sugar-inspired moments of mayhem.

Not to mention the trouble travel can can cause when it's off to grandmother's house we go. 

Sing along with me: "I'm dreaming of a...restful holiday season. Just like the ones I used to know..."

In this week's newsletter I share tips to help make traveling with your little ones easier to manage. Plus, I've got advice on how to deal with the all-consuming and omnipresent mom guilt, some kid-friendly table manners tips, new ways to practice patience, and finally, if you're in the Southern California area, a link to my upcoming sleep classes at Beverly Hills Pediatrics.     

Do you hear what I hear? Let's do this! 

* * *


Taking your little one on a trip is no walk in the park. 

In fact, going on "vacation" can often be more exhausting for parents.

Why? Because accommodating your little one's sleep routine while traveling can be challenging to say the least. 

But there are a few things you can do! 

In this week's blog post I lay out ways to keep your little one on a steady sleep routine while traveling.

From planning your travel around nap times, to strategizing about sleep spaces, to maintaining consistency, you can set your family up for vacation sleep success with these handy tips.

But remember, a well-rested baby is the most important key to vacation success. So stay flexible, don't overdo it, and your family will be on the way to more fun while you're on the go. 

Afraid that your well-oiled baby sleep routine will go out the window the minute you say vacation? Don't worry, I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and we can chat about it!

Or, just reply to this email with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer.

* * *


I feel it on a daily basis to some extent...

"I should have done this" or "I could have done that."

Just last week I was asked after a parent-teacher conference if I was going to visit my son on the playground now? After looking at my watch I said, "No, I can't."

Cue the guilt.

Why? Well, I said no because I had to run (and do something for myself) before I got back to work, and I know I could have gone to see him instead.

Whenever I choose myself I feel that guilt. I know I need me time, and give plenty of time to them, but it's there nonetheless.

Dang you mom guilt!

Can you relate? Take a look at this Parenting Today article and jump on the mom guilt train! 

* * *


It's amazing how our kiddos observe, pick up and mimic our seemingly insignificant habits.

For example, table manners.

I need to be better about sitting while I eat. I'm always on the go and sometimes find myself standing and eating at the counter. No wonder my kids get up from the table when they eat - because I do!

I'm busy multi-tasking, but I want them to sit.

So how did I solve the problem? I started sitting. Imagine that!

Looking for more advice on table manners training? Take a look at this super helpful Medium article that is packed with tips and tricks.

* * *


"Even if you're not a particularly patient person today, there's still hope you can be a more patient person tomorrow. So if you find yourself getting exasperated more than you'd like, here are ways to keep those testy impulses in check."

One of the most important things being a mom has taught me is patience. I thought I was a pretty patient person before, but having kids taught me that I needed so much more! And guess what, I adapted!

Take a few minutes to read this helpful article from The New York Times on patience and how anyone - even the most impatient among us - can get better at it.

* * *


In case you haven't heard, I'm the resident pediatric sleep consultant at Beverly Hills Pediatrics, and I'm holding monthly sleep talks and Q&As.

There's a newborn sleep class and younger baby/toddler sleep class available.  

The next one is right around the corner on Friday, November 30. Spots are still available - so sign up now!

And please forward to any parents you know with a newborn or 5-24 month old! 

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That's it for this issue!

Hope you enjoyed it and I'd LOVE if you shared it with your friends on social media or spread the word on the local Mommy gossip circuit - thanks!


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