A Healthy Little Note: Issue #22

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Let's talk about nighttime - while the lights may be out and the house may be quiet, there's still a LOT happening with your little one's development.

Between sleeping and eating, a lot of your baby's growth happens during these crucial hours. 

But what should you do when you want to train your baby to sleep through the night but also need to get in the nighttime feeds your little one needs for growth and weight gain?

It's a head-scratcher, but this week I've got some tips, tricks and advice to help you handle it.

This week's newsletter also features tips about playground dos and don'ts, a super fun article full of outer space facts for your science-loving little one, advice on how to avoid using a certain word when asking your little one to do something, and baby clothes so cute they make we want to have another one! 

So put down that midnight snack, close the refrigerator door, and let's go!  

* * *


Does this nighttime puzzle sound familiar? 

"Our daughter, 7 months, still cannot get through the night without her 2am feeding...is it possible to sleep train but still keep the feeding?"

I love when I get questions from parents I can share with you so you too can benefit from the information. (Keep 'em coming!)

The straightforward answer to this question is "Yes!"

You can work on nighttime feeding ESPECIALLY if your pediatrician recommends to keep it for weight. 

In this week's blog post I share some tips and tricks to help your baby sleep through the night while also hitting that all-important night time feed. 

But remember, ALWAYS defer to your pediatrician's advice if your little one is having trouble with weight gain and s/he advises a nighttime feeding routine.  

Have more questions on the nighttime sleeping and feeding front? Don't worry, I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and we can chat about it!

Or, just reply to this email with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer.

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Guilty as charged...I totally went down the playground slide with my toddlers because they were a little concerned about the drop.

(And because I really wanted to go down too!)

Who doesn't want to go down a slide? It's fun! 

I just went on my first roller coaster in 20 years with my nephew, and I can't wait for my littles to get to that age. 

Sorry, back to slides...

This super important Medium article talks about possible injuries and risks you should be aware of...ER doctors see these cases come in more often than we think.

It's best not to do, but if you have to head down the slide with your kiddo just remember to tell them to "keep your hands and legs inside the rollercoaster at all times." 

* * *


Since I'm a nerd for all things science, I get extra excited when an article comes along with science facts written especially for kids! 

This out-of-this world article shares some of the most fun space facts I've ever heard.  

Make sure you know how to pick a good star to wish upon tonight, or else it might not actually even be there! 

* * *


It's time to re-train our brains to stop saying "OK." 

Putting "OK" at the end of instructions to our little ones does two unhelpful things:  It turns requests into "yes/no" questions your child can easily respond "no" to and gives your child the authority to ignore the instruction. 

Cue frustration. 

This article gives some good alternatives on what to say instead of "OK."  

And remember, if you catch yourself saying it (I always do - it's a bad habit that's getting better), you can always rephrase it to something more directive.

Go from "It's time for bed, OK?" to "Wait no...not OK. It's bedtime, let's go pick out a book." 

* * *


Aack...another reason I wish I was having another baby!  

This mompreneur created Monica + Andy: an organic, kind and conscious clothing/accessory company with all of the essentials for moms and babies. 

Look at those cute prints on those burp cloths! Sigh...

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That's it for this issue!

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