Healthy Little Note: Issue #40

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Hi there!

I'm so excited... What's this Healthy Little Village? Well, it's my online private community for you to come continue the conversation with me about your little one.

If you have a burning question, and you don't want to go into the land of google or ask well-intentioned friends for their varying opinions, then come join me in the Healthy Little Village.

I remember having questions all the time and wish I had a resource I could turn to I trusted. I hope this is that space for you!

Inside, you can ask your questions, read about the various topics around sleep, development, behavior, you name it... and don't forget our good old recommended resource list! (psst... I'm going to an event this week all about products and hoping to bring back some goodies to giveaway to members!)

Plus, there will be live calls with me once a month - you and me face to face :) Can't make the call? Send me your questions before, and you can listen to the recording inside the village! And our first call is coming up on June 24th! 

Hope to see you there!

In other news... this week's newsletter features a great article on how to help your little one persevere when the going gets tough, what we can do to try and combat the pressures we are under to be continuous parents, information on what products you want to know about, and my upcoming sleep talks.

Let's do this!

* * *


Does your little one get frustrated and give up on a task too quickly because it's too hard? This article by Galileo talks about some common reasons kids throw in the towel too soon, along with helpful hints to keep them on track to try boldly, fail bravely, and try, try, again.

Also, the book It's Okay To Make Mistakes is a great beginning read on how we can teach our littles to look at the situation differently. Since this book, my daughter likes wearing two different socks to school on purpose sometimes (you'll understand after the read).

* * *


The idea that we are continuously parenting can no doubt send us into a spiral - we can feel we are never completely "off duty". This medium article talks about how to create healthy boundaries for ourselves that roll over to setting healthy boundaries for our littles too.

The author also brings up one of my favorite books, How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims. It's a keeper for the bookshelf and an easy good read.  

* * * 


I am going to an event on Wednesday night (6/12) that will be featuring many of the new and seasoned baby gear at Gearapalooza! Let me know what you want the scoop on, and I'll get the 411 for you. New stroller? Carseat? Carrier? Bottles? Let me know! All info from the one and only Jamie Grayson will be inside the Village.

* * *

 On Thursday June 20th catch me at Hatch in Brentwood from 6pm-7pm for my Newborn Sleep talk. I will be there with Bumpin Blends who will be giving free smoothies and answering your questions too! 

You can also catch me on June 28th at Beverly Hills Pediatrics for a talk on Newborn Sleep or Younger Baby/Toddler Sleep. You can sign up here

* * *

Well, that's it for this issue!

Hope to see you inside the Healthy Little Village!

AND If you have some questions of your own... I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and we can chat about it!

OR as always, just reply to this email with any questions you have (even about the Village!), and I'll be happy to answer. 

Hope you enjoyed it and I'd LOVE if you shared it with your friends on social media or spread the word on the local Mommy gossip circuit - thanks!


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