Healthy Little Note: Issue #37



How was your weekend? I started mine off on Friday with sleep talks at Beverly Hills Pediatrics... and we had little 5 week old Sebastian sleep through the whole talk (after a poop explosion, of course)! I'd love to see you and your little one at the next one!

The rest of my weekend was packed full of kid/family things - gymnastics, ninja gym, dodger game, kid's baseball, and a school carnival. And now I'm definitely ready for the work week.

OK, now onto this week's newsletter.

* * *

Social Media Use

So, a few weeks back I had mentioned I saw a screening of the documentary LIKE that takes a look at the impact of social media on our lives.

Well, I've finally put some snippets of information on tips for managing social media for you. A little extra tip... let's keep those phones out of bedrooms and keep them in public spaces. Your kids will be less likely to be watching or looking at something they "shouldn't" be. 

* * *

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Now, I'm curious to hear what you want... If you were to purchase a program, package, or guide, that doesn't have added support, would you be more interested in a promotion that offers a discount, or more access to me to answer questions and provide support? Let me know!

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Well, that's it for this issue!

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