Healthy Little Not: Issue #48


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Hope everyone had a great weekend! Just a little update since my last post on Tough Love - The Best Kind of Love ... the consequence/learning opportunity we set for our daughter has made leaps and bounds with her listening. It's so amazing to see how something like this becomes a teachable moment and goes far beyond that moment.

Onto this week...

I have a great article that talks about how one phrase can get in the way of how we work things out with our partners, some great tips on how we can relieve some of that stress we feel, something for your "picky" eater (we all have them!), and of course what I'm doing this week with Bump Club + Beyond! Hope you enjoy...

Let's do this!

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Becoming a parent is all about figuring it out. Some of you take on much more responsibility when it comes to kid tasks, so when it's your partner’s turn, it may not come second nature to them.

You may just need to spell things out for them more clearly. This great article from Thrive Global talks about how these 3 words "Figure It Out" can lead to resentment and inefficiencies between partners. Find out what you can do and say instead.

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As a parent, a right of passage is, well, unfortunately stress. Whether it's your little falling at the playground, fitting in at the new school, not talking when her peers are, or the fear of not remembering you because you're going back to work, parenting is stressful.

It's ALL the things that can cross your mind on the daily and unknowingly stress you out. And did you know that we carry much of this stress in our jaw!?!

This great article by the one and only Lo Roxburgh talks about the connection between stress and jaw tension and what you can do about it. I did these exercises before bed one night and slept SO much better than I had the previous nights! Try it out!

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Why do kids love the foods they love? Did you know there is actually scientific reasons your little one has a predisposition for certain foods. Think sweet and salty ... and even texture and color factor into preferences too!

This great Medium article reviews this and even goes into how you can expand your little one's palate. One of the helpful tips was to prioritize exposure to new foods rather than a clean plate. Don't miss out on this one!

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On Thursday evening October 10th @ 7pm PST/9pm CST, I'll be hosting a FREE live workshop on Crib to Bed Transitions with Bump Club + Beyond. Use this link to register! And if you can't make it... you'll get a recording sent via email! Would love to see you there... let me know if you sign up :)

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Then, at the end of the month, on October 25th, you can find me at Beverly Hills Pediatrics for a talk on Newborn Sleep AND Younger Baby/Toddler Sleep (as young as 5mos+). Make sure you sign up here!

Can't make these sleep talks and wish you could? Get on the list for the next live sleep talk with me.

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AND If you have some questions of your own... I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me, and we can chat about it!

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