Margaux - overnight Support package

The following options are priced-out for your convenience. These packages include 12 hour overnight in-home support, in varying degrees.  As discussed, arrival will be on Wednesday late afternoon/evening (prior to bedtime - around 6:00pm or before for the first evening) and departure 12hrs after arrival (or 6 hours after arrival for half night). The package selected will include the following:

  • Review of intake form outlining your Margaux's current sleep habits and your concerns (prior to consult).

  • A phone or in-home consultation to further discuss concerns and solutions to your baby or child's sleep issues (we’ve done much of this already, but will adjust plan accordingly).

  • A customized sleep plan with respect to your Margaux’s developmental age that aligns with your parenting philosophy, values, and needs.

  • Sleep log form (provided by sleep consultant) to track progress along the way if necessary.

  • Two weeks of follow-up coaching and support to answer questions along the way as you implement your new plan.

  • You'll receive your customized sleep plan within 24hrs of your consultation.

  • I come to your home and stay the night coaching and supporting you every step of the way.

  • I am involved as much or as little as you need me to be... usually families have me "all in" but every family is different. I work based on your needs and what method you decide to implement to teach your baby to sleep. But, you can know if the baby is up, I am up with your little one too!

3 Overnights
Let's Get Sleeping!
2 Overnights + 1/2 Night
Let's Get Sleeping!
1 Overnight + 2 Half Nights
Let's Get Sleeping!