Healthy Little Note: Issue #41


Hi there!

This weeks newsletter is going to be short but sweet. I have had lots of behavior questions come up these past several weeks, as many of the babies I have worked with are learning to express themselves. Does "stop that" or "be nice" ring a bell? Or perhaps they're simply ignoring you? And of course with that comes... many frustrations as a parent.

And I've also had lots of teething questions. From the amber necklace, to teething tablets, to what's safe and what to do when teething hits. So I've got the scoop for ya!

Let's do this...

* * *


Behind behavior lies development, and we are there to help guide our little ones. Being conscious of what we say and what our little one hears is one small piece to the puzzle. So, this week I have a little snippet on How Kids See + Understand the World to help. It's one little way that we can keep reciprocal communication going. Sometimes it's just a matter of doing things a little differently.

* * *


The thing most people don't realize with teething is that it's only maybe slightly uncomfortable for 1-2 days when the little gums are red right before the tooth comes in. There is no prolonged 1-3 month tooth process that disrupts sleep. That's something else we can talk about.

There are lots of questions about what is safe, does the Amber necklace really work, and what can I do!?! Well, I've got it all for ya. I came across this fantastic medium article that tells ALL! This really is a must read for all those with teething questions. The myths are revealed... and experts are interviewed!

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