A Healthy Little Note: Issue #31

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Hi there!

Being a new parent means you have to learn a lot of new tricks that probably never crossed your mind before having kids... this time we're talking about naps!

Baby sleep is often plagued by difficult napping. One thing to know about naps is sometimes they just may not fully come together until 5-6mos of age. But can naps come together sooner?

Of course!

You can help your little one nap sooner by starting early in the first few months of their life and have them practice sleeping in different spaces. Go for a carrier walk for one nap and lay them down for the next... And if you've already past these earlier months, then check out these 5 nap tips in this week's blog post to get a better napper.

And I'm always just a phone call away if you want more specific help with naps, don't worry, I've got ya - go here to schedule a FREE 15-minute call with me and we can chat about it!

Or, just reply to this email with any questions you have, and I'll be happy to answer.

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Also, coming up, I have a newborn sleep talk at Hatch in Brentwood on Wednesday February 13th @ 6:00pm. Come join me if you're expecting or if have a new little one - babies are welcome! 

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