Hey What's Up Moms!


Thanks for watching Lizzy and my video! We had so much fun together. Isn’t she HILARIOUS AND LOVELY!?!

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Feel free to explore around the website, but below I have a few thinGS TO SHARE OFF THE BAT... 

you want sleep help but not sure about the process...

That's where my initial calls come in handy. You may feel like you want help but also feel unsure about the whole process. So, we talk about that part and also the challenges you are having and move forward from there. 

So, if you’re having trouble with your little one’s sleep and are looking for more specific help, let's talk. I have an initial 15 minute FREE call you can schedule right here.  

how to get some great information for you and your little one...

I have a newsletter for you — Healthy Little Note — that's getting GREAT feedback. You don't want to miss it! 

I promise I'm not going to bombard your email every day either! Here's how it goes... Every other week I share 5 things on how you and your little can get the most out of their first 5 years of life. And I just don't talk about sleep either.

You can check out the latest issue here AND subscribe below!


HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE'S SLEEP? here's how to learn more and get YOUR questions answered...

So, I’m doing something super special only for you guys. I’ll be hosting a live private FB group just for What’s Up Moms (if you viewed the video, that's you!)... and giving you the 411 on sleep and answering YOUR questions!

Best of all it's only $10! I have never hosted anything at that price, so grab a spot! And, if you can't make the time it's scheduled, don't worry. The video will be there for you in the private group to view for a whole month! Win-win.

And if you're concerned about your information being shared, well I don't do that. I respect privacy and do not share email or other personal information with 3rd parties. 

I'm SO SO excited to do this for you. What's Up Moms are the best!  Don't forget to sign up, that's the only way to get added to the group. AND don't forget to submit your sleep questions!