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meet SUSIE

Susie Menkes, PhD  Applied Developmental Psychologist  Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant  Certified Behavior Specialist

Susie Menkes, PhD

Applied Developmental Psychologist

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Certified Behavior Specialist

Hi there! I'm Susie... founder of Healthy Little Sleepers - I’ve been helping little ones and their families since 2012. (And that's a pic of me and my little lady up above. Oh, how I miss that tininess!).

When I had my first babe (my son, Tyler) my world felt like it was turned upside down for the better and for mere, “Oh crap, what do I do!?!” I knew a TON about development, but sleep was a whole other ball game!

So, I did what I knew best and turned to evidence-based research on sleep - cause let’s face it… every other book was contradicting one another, and I was fearful in making the wrong decision for my little baby.

Through trial and error and paying so many dues to figure out how to get my little one to sleep, I came up with a map (so-to-speak) that led my first baby to sleep through the night at 4 mos and take 3 predictable naps during the day (the naps took some time to come together, but they did!).

I put what I knew and learned from lots and lots of reading and researching into practice and the results were amazing. It was so amazing that when I had my daughter, I started shaping healthy sleep habits even earlier with her based on all my acquired sleep knowledge, and she was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old! (… and this is exactly what I teach in Mastering Newborn Sleep - not sleep training… putting healthy practices into place).  

When not immersed in all things development and sleep, you can find me baking with my kids, sneaking in a workout, and getting a good laugh in at the end of the day watching Ellen

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Susie has consulted for top parenting sites including What’s Up Moms, Joovy, Shondaland’s Katie’s Crib, Bump Club & Beyond, (to name a few), and she enjoys giving sleep talks for families and loves working hand-in-hand supporting you every step of the way.

She is an active member in the Society of Research in Child Development and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants and serves on the Medical Advisory Board for What’s Up Moms (The #1 Parenting YouTube Channel).

Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
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meet Nicole


Hiya, I’m Nicole!

I vividly remember my first year of motherhood as “Before Sleep Training” and “After Sleep Training” because it so dramatically changed everything about my family’s life.

My baby’s temperament transformed, and I felt confident and energized as a mother. I put what I’d learned to practice with each of my subsequent daughters and had them sleeping and napping predictably months earlier than with my son. My friends lovingly referred to me as “The Baby Sleep Lady” which I consider high praise. 

Having my healthy little sleepers means that when I’m not helping my clients with their little ones, I am able to reclaim some of that “me time”. I’m running long distances, testing new recipes in the kitchen, and ending the day watching anything on Bravo with my nightcap cup of joe. 

* * *

Nicole works closely with her local pediatricians in Omaha Nebraska, collaborates with lactation consultant communities in her area, and is part of her MOPs chapter in her area.

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Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant - Family Sleep Institute

  • Certified Child Behavior Specialist - The Early Years, Inc.

  • Member: Society for Research in Child Development

  • Member: International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Basics of Lactation Management Nursing - Lactation Education Resources

  • Setting Limits + Building Cooperation - Hand in Hand Parenting

  • The New Child: Birth to 2 Years - The Early Years, Inc.

  • From Tantrums and Conflict to Cooperation - The Early Years, Inc.

  • Mindfulness and Sleep - FSI course

  • Nutrition - Nourishing Children Effectively - by Jill Castle, MS, RDN - FSI course

  • Safe Sleep Initiative Series Understanding the New AAP Recommendations - FSI course

  • Perinatal Depression and Anxiety - by Motherhood Center of New York - FSI course