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Susie Menkes, PhD  Applied Developmental Psychologist  Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant  Certified Behavior Specialist

Susie Menkes, PhD

Applied Developmental Psychologist

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Certified Behavior Specialist

Healthy Little Sleepers

Hi there! I'm Susie... founder of Healthy Little Sleepers. (And that's a pic of me and my little lady up above. Oh, how I miss that tininess!). 

If you're here, you must be having some troubles with your little one's sleep and are wondering:

  • Will I ever sleep again?

  • How can I get my little one to sleep at night?

  • Will I ever have my sanity back?

  • I just don't know what to do!?!

Or really any number of nap, nighttime, bed transition, or feeding questions...

... Well, you are in the RIGHT place!

I will help you understand what is going on with your little one's sleep, identify where things got "off" (or maybe they were never "on"), and get the sleep you and your family all need to function better both at home and at work.

You will have more confidence, less stress, more sleep, better communication with your partner about what to do, and you will even have a plan for smoothing out future bumps in the road (and maybe even get a regular date night scheduled!). 

Just check out what some of my clients have said here.


Start Here

In order to see a change in your little one's sleep, the first step is to fully understand what is happening and influencing sleep - that's where I come in.

It's not always easy to see things on your own, and it's also important to understand what is going on developmentally to make the most informed decisions. 

So, instead of asking well-intentioned family and friends offering different opinions, digging through hundreds of books and thousands of research papers (I mean what parent has time for that anyway!)...let's just have a free 15-minute chat!

You can go here to schedule a call with me and I'll be happy to give you some free advice about whatever you're stressing about the most.

If you're too busy dealing with your little one to schedule a call, the next best thing is to subscribe to my Healthy Little Note newsletter (it's also free!).

In it, you'll get ANSWERS to commonly asked sleep questions, recommendations, tips from the best of the best, and maybe even something in there to put a smile on your face after a stressful day (We all need a good laugh at the end of the day! I personally always end my day with the Ellen show.)

And the best part... You don't have to do all the trial and error work and second guess yourself every time you read something new. I can help you get clarity and help you sift through the bullshit. Really, there is a lot out there ... we need to stop comparing and judging and start supporting.

I had one book second guessing everything I had done as a parent with my babies. Then, I looked up the research that was cited, and the studies were just not sound, were about rats, and really stretching to make a point. And guess what, my kids are turning out to be some pretty cool people, just like yours.



Healthy Little Sleepers was founded by Susie Menkes, PhD. Susie is an expert in pediatric sleep, has her background in development, serves on the Medical Board for What's Up Moms (the #1 Parenting You Tube Channel), and is certified in pediatric sleep and child behavior.

Through trial and error and paying so many dues to figure out how to get her own little ones to sleep, she came up with a map (so-to-speak) that led her first baby to sleep through the night at 4mos and take 3 predictable naps during the day (the naps took some time to come together, but they did!). She put what she knew into practice and it was amazing. It was so amazing that when she had her daughter, she started even earlier with her; she was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old! (She was a very good sleeper though - this was definitely part temperament!). 

She was so empowered by her little ones' sleeping, she began researching infant + toddler sleep more intently and helping other families to achieve the success her family experienced. She knew there was a lot more she could learn though... So, she furthered her education by becoming a Certified Infant + Toddler Sleep Consultant through a 250+ hour training curriculum with the founder of the Family Sleep Institute, Deborah Pedrick. Thus, Healthy Little Sleepers was born. 

Now, she gets the honor of helping families like yours that are struggling with their little one's sleep just as she did, but you don't have to do all the trial and error work. Now, she gets to share her knowledge, experience, and expertise with you. Every family is different, every situation is unique; she puts together a customized plan for your family based on your goals and parenting philosophy, and supports you along the way.  

Susie is a parent too, and she struggled with her little one's sleep too... She's here to support you and get you through this really hard time and help you get back to where you feel more like yourself again.

If you want to learn about some of the strategies she uses or hear her advice on various topics, all you have to do is enter your email below.

When Susie is not immersed in all things development and sleep, you can find her obsessing over Soul Cycle, baking chocolate chip cookies with her kids, and having bad reality TV on in the background as she multi-tasks around the house. And she almost always ends her night watching Ellen when she can.



  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant - Family Sleep Institute

  • Certified Child Behavior Specialist - The Early Years, Inc.

  • Member: Society for Research in Child Development

  • Member: American Academy of Sleep Medicine

  • Member: International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

  • Basics of Lactation Management Nursing - Lactation Education Resources

  • Setting Limits + Building Cooperation - Hand in Hand Parenting

  • The New Child: Birth to 2 Years - The Early Years, Inc.

  • From Tantrums and Conflict to Cooperation - The Early Years, Inc.

  • Mindfulness and Sleep - FSI course

  • Nutrition - Nourishing Children Effectively - by Jill Castle, MS, RDN - FSI course

  • Safe Sleep Initiative Series Understanding the New AAP Recommendations - FSI course

Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
Healthy Little Sleepers: Sleep Training
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